Music is a pilgrimage and not a race. Walking in this pilgrimage with other pilgrims has been a very enjoyable experience. I deeply appreciate the support, encouragement and blessings I have received in the process.

  • Bade Guruji Pandit Jasraj ji on Date : 06/09/2008

    “When I listened to Suhas, I thought that people should listen to his music. At the Pandit Jasraj Institute we have been able to unlock the music that was always hidden within him.”

  • Guruji Pandita Tripti Mukherjee on Date : 09/07/2009


    I am blessed to have you as my disciple, because you are so dedicated!

    Dedication to your Guru is the very first and the most important thing, in learning this Vidya , in a guru-Shishya parampara, because the door of success also opens only if you have guru krupa.

    Mujhe bahot hi tasalli hoti hai ki this Mewati Gurukul Pariwar ka bhavishya ekdam surakshit hai aap ke hathon mein.

  • Vijaya Katti, Edison, NJ on Date : 08/30/2009

    Adaraniya Suhasji,
    It was a pleasure to attend your soul stirring concert yesterday. At the beginning of the concert your rendering of raag Puriya Dhanashree was very soothing. Raag shyam kalyan was incredible and the Tarana was simply out of the world. Your selection of ragas was extraordinary.

  • Shri. Suresh D. Tambe (My former school Teacher from Nutan Marathi Vidyalaya Prashala, Pune) on Date : 12/29/2009


    Your performance yesterday was so pleasant and left everyone at the gathering in such a fine mood! Your voice, your tayyari and the whole presentation was just remarkable. I liked the bandish you composed in Raag Saraswati  and the following Natyageet  'Vikal Man Aaj' very much. Wish you the very best in future and next time you come to Pune, please let me know. I will be pleased to arrange your concert through 'Yuva Sneh'.”

  • Dileep and Surekha Khedekar, West Orange, NJ on Date : 09/14/2009


    It was a privilege to host your concert, which was just outstanding. You are gifted with a very soothing voice. It showed how hard you have worked at it. Everybody in the audience enjoyed the concert very much. Somebody commented it was spiritual. I thought we were having a Satsang. We wish you the very best and hope that you continue to make great music.

    Although all the songs were good, my favorites were “Mayiri Sham”, “Madhurashtakam”, “Savanki Sanj”, Natyageet and the height was the last Abhang.

  • Devadatta Mone on Date : 04/05/2009


    That was an excellent program. From "Payori Maine" - (we used to have a 78 rpm record by Shri. Paluskar  and I heard that after so many years, really enjoyed it) - and then you just went on with “Aisi Lagi Lagan, Meera Ho Gai Magan” and then your own Guruji's "Jagadamb". Wow! I really enjoyed it. Truely touching! The whole crowd was "Mantra Mughda". Man ... you hit it out of the park. If you do this again please call me.

  • Ajit Kothari, Trustee, Sanatan Mandir, Parsippany on Date : 04/06/2009

    “Dear Suhasbhai,

    On behalf of Shri Sanatan Mandir Senior Center and all the devotees present on April 5th, our hats off to you for a magnificent concert that touched everyone's heart. You uplifted the audience with your soulful singing."