When I was asked to sing at the Sanatan Mandir in Parsippany, New Jersey, I felt that God has summoned me to the Mandir. It was my first public concert and my debut in the field of performing arts happened in presence of God!


Notable Concerts and Performances:


  • Privately held concert in Pune, India, May 2005

  • Ganeshotsav concert in Maharashtra Mandal, New York, NY, August 2005

  • Privately held Ganeshotsav concert in New Jersey, August 2005

  • Benefit concert for the Tsunami victims in Asia, in Liberty, NY, October 2005


  • Concert for the devotees of Shri Satya Sai Baba near Boston, Massachusetts in May 2003

  • “Raag, Rasa and Ranga” concert at the Marathi Vishwa Community Center, NJ in March 2003

  • Sanatan Mandir, Parsippany, NJ in January 2003