How many Raags are there in total?

Music is a reflection of the nature and the elements around us. We believe that Lord Shiva created the 5 main Raags: “Shri” representing Earth, “Megh” representing Water, “Deepak” representing Fire, “Hindol” representing Air and “Bhairav” representing the Sky. We also believe that Goddess Parvati then created the sixth Raag “Malkauns”.

Raag is the corner-stone of the “Khayal” style of singing. This style of singing has been in vogue for the last 800 years or so. There are close to 200 documented Raags. New Raags have been created by combining the main Raags and by combining or changing certain patterns of Swars.

Certain Raags are considered comprehensive in the sense that they are elaborated more while others are not. For example, when singing “Darbari” the vocalist will elaborate it in a slower tempo followed by a composition in a faster tempo. On the other hand, when singing “Nagdhwani Kanada”, the vocalist will probably just sing one composition and that will complete the presentation.