Music: My way of life

Music is a source of ever lasting peace and happiness that I would like to share with the listeners.

Hindustani classical music is an integral part of India’s rich cultural heritage. Spirituality is the foundation of Hindustani classical music. It makes music a soul searching experience and a way to connect with the omnipresent divine energy.

To me, music is a pilgrimage with a goal to reach God. The pilgrimage will not end in this lifetime and I would like to walk in this pilgrimage for many lives. I pray to God to guide me in this journey and all the music lovers to be with me throughout this journey.

This web site is an attempt to introduce and popularize Hindustani classical music through a dialog with you. Hope you find it informative and interesting. Please use the "Contact" page at this site to ask any questions and to give me your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you and enjoy!