Vijaya Katti, Edison, NJ

Adaraniya Suhasji,
It was a pleasure to attend your soul stirring concert yesterday. At the beginning of the concert your rendering of raag Puriya Dhanashree was very soothing. Raag shyam kalyan was incredible and the Tarana was simply out of the world. Your selection of ragas was extraordinary.

Raag Gaud Malhar was very apt for the rainy weather we had and suited the atmosphere  very well. It was great to hear Shiv stuti and Madhurashtakam. We were very pleased to hear your own composition rendered in raag Des. We felt very patriotic upon hearing the bandish. Your Natya Sangeet “Marma Bandhachahi Theva hi” spurred nostalgic feelings and transported us back to the good old times spent in India. We simply did not  realize how three hours went by when you concluded with the abhang in Bhairavi.

It was a memorable evening Adaraniya Suhasji and we wish to hear you more often. Your simplicity and down to earth nature and dedication to music added a lot more to the concert .We could really feel the positive vibrations and your enthusiasm, which  is such a distinguishing characteristic of the Mewati Gharana. Wish you the very best and once again, thank you for a spectacular performance